Summary Ever since the game was released, players have been communicating. It started with just youtube, moved to websites with xats, and now most players chat using nothing but a xat.


Start-February 2010:

Players prominently chatted using Youtube chat. These players were Sky , Adambark , Reburm, ect...

February 2010:

Adambark created a website with only forums which was not very active - . Soon after Reburm had been chatting with Sky and decided to create a website where players could chat and play - This website completely revolutionized the game, giving players the ability to match. Active players on the website were Nickazn, Reburm, Sky , Adambark , Ball1n, Contra, lowlypawn, The.Wolf, Fook, Xenon.

Summer of 2010:

Reburm became very innactive and this gave way for someone to create a new place to chat. 5tudf3rd did exactly that with his new website Soon after Reburm returned and created a new website with Contra - - and caused a large dispute with The-Rida who created his own chat - This split up the lightbike players but eventually The-Rida's site died out and inthezone was the place to chat.


Beanz and Xenon created their own xat prior to 2011 but it really took off sometime in 2011 after Reburm left the lightbike scene - the active users on this website are Sky , Beanz , xenon , Puma, Ivan, ect..

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