A very common strategy used to quit a game without losing any points, often abbreviated: D/C or D/Cing.



SbSettings is an itouch app for jailbroken ipods. It allows you to control many things while in an application such as the status of your wifi connection. Using SbSettings to turn off your wifi connection in the middle of a game is the easiest way to disconnect from a game in session.

Turning off your router:

By quickly pulling the plug on your router and plugging it back in, a game is easily disconnected.

Infamous Disconnectors

Adambark : Reached first place but stopped after meeting the community.

Kamakaze: Reached second place, never stopped.

The-Rida: Reached first place but thought to have stopped after being chastised.

Beanz : Reached first place but stopped after some arguing.

Maxlaw: The most infamous disconnector of all, reaching the top 20.

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