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Xenon, or better known as "xenon." has been playing lightbike since February of 2009. He was originally introduced it at random, discovering it in first place for App Store downloads. However, his iPod broke a few months after due to a jailbreaking malfunction. His was reintroduced to it by his friend, in December of 2009. Xenon was immediately hooked on the game, and was astounded by the strategy required to be successful. His interest in the game led him to youtube, where he was able to connect with other lightbike players through a series of Lightbike Online youtube videos. He is now a well known player, known for his aggressive, and sometimes random gameplay. Xenon is currently a main owner at , and is often there to chat and match. He is also into Skype, and is willing to talk with any players that have an account.

Influence on Gameplay

Xenon has had a significant influence on aggressive playing styles. Quick, and surprising boost attacks, along with aggressive openings, are often attributed with his handle. His style is seen in newer players who have learned from him, through the Lightbike Academy.


-The first player to have a term coined to his name. Xenoning, or trapping, is something that all players will experience during gameplay. The term was developed because of xenon's prominent, and successful use of this tactic

-The Lightbike Academy is a "training program" so to speak, that teaches new players to play the game, and play it well. Xenon is known for teaching tactics, and skills required to play well, and exercises them by playing large amounts of games with the player.

-Xenon made the first influential discovery of a game called FLTron back in 2010. He has gotten quite a few players into the game since them, namely sky (or "stupidd" in FLTRON)

-Xenon was the winner of the only successful Lightbike Online tournament to date. Xenon was victorious in an epic match against formidable opponent, Venom, earning a 3-2 victory for the last game.

-Xenon has a made a series of Lightbike Online videos for youtube, and is the owner of the official youtube channel for lightbike, . His videos include the "Best of Lightbike" series, along with a variety of real matches against different players.

Background Information

Xenon, or Ben Sugars does have a life outside of Lightbike. He enjoys winter and summer sports, such as squash, biking, snowboarding, and tennis. He enjoys playing guitar, drums, and is also learning to sing. Xenon still manages, even with all this, to keep up with a social life while maintaining good grades in the IB program at school. He is always willing to talk, so don't be shy, and watch out of Xenon on the grid!

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